The World Tapping Summit 2013


At long last the wait is over.., and if you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting several months, attempting to quell your impatience with teaser trailers and sub-standard YouTube videos. What is it with EFT that there is so little out there of quality that you don’t have to pay for?

Search for Hypnosis or NLP, and there are a multitude of links containing seminars, workshops and sessions, most of a reasonable quality. Try the same for EFT or Matrix Reimprinting and you will be sorely disappointed: the free stuff isn’t worth having, and the stuff worth having isn’t available for free. Come on practitioners: as a community we need to sort this out. How else are we going to encourage clients to come to see us?

It scares me that both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are in danger of making the mistake that NLP did: cashing in on the internet, selling out in order to make money, granting qualifications and awarding diplomas after short sub-standard courses to individuals who are not yet properly confident and capable.

We are in danger of giving ourselves a bad name, of tarnishing our reputation before we really have one.

We need to slow down, take a step back, and remember where we are coming from: that shared inner desire to use our skills wisely and correctly for well being, that innate need to help and to heal.

It has taken NLP a long time to crawl back, and it is still climbing. Let’s save EFT and Matrix Reimprinting before they have that journey to make.

Anyway, rant over: the 2013 Tapping World Summit begins tonight, at 8pm EST, and I have high hopes.

On the programme Carol Look discusses self-sabotage and blocks to success, and Nick Ortner shares how to create abundance and financial security through tapping.

For 24 hours you can listen to either of the two presentations from three locations:

If you can’t get on at first, be patient. With so many trying to log in it may take several attempts. You may even have to check back in later.

Enjoy! And please feel free to share your thoughts and your comments with me. I would love to hear how you get on.


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