New Year Greetings


A Letter to an Old Friend (or Foe?)

Symbolically speaking, today is a fresh start, a new beginning, a looking out across the horizon and a venturing on ahead. As you turn to wave a last goodbye to 2013, many of you no doubt thankful to be rid of that superstitiously unlucky number, I urge you to take some time to sit and make a note of your thoughts.

Below is my suggestion of an exercise that might help you.

Take a piece of paper – a nice piece, a piece that you would use for letter writing.
Get out your favourite pen – the one you consider special, the one that is easiest and most comfortable to write with, the one that is sentimental, etc…
Sit in a quiet place, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.
Light a candle or burn some incense or simply open the window and let in the fresh air.
Ground yourself and wait for your thoughts to come to you.
Write a letter to 2013 – of thanks or good riddance or whatever else feels right.

Here are some questions that might help you:

What did 2013 mean to you?

What did it stand for?

What were the main challenges it presented?

And what were your biggest accomplishments?

What obstacles did you manage to face up to?

What problems did you manage to overcome?

What were its gifts?

What did it steal from you?

Were there many lessons learnt?

What were they?

Is it a year that you would like to travel again?

Or are you thankful to have passed through it?

Now read over what you have written and write a few lines to encompass the emotions this introspection has evoked.
Sign your letter.
Find an envelope, fold the letter and place it inside and seal it.
Address the envelope to 2013.
Take the letter and set it free: by burning it on a fire or with a match or candle, by dropping it out of a high window, by driving along the motorway and letting it fly away, by floating it down a steam or a river, by flushing it down the toilet, by buying a helium balloon and tying it to it, etc… Whatever feels right to you.
As you bid it farewell, offer up a few words of closure.
Then turn to look up at the sky or out across the horizon and welcome 2014.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.

I wish you a truly joyful, peaceful, flowing and expansive 2014. I trust it is everything you anticipate, and much more.


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