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The older we get, the further we drift from our true core, losing sight not only of who we used to be but also of who we really are and still wish we could be if only circumstances would allow it.

I run a selection of workshops, courses and classes of varying length, content and motivation, each one designed to gently nudge and awaken that sleeping part of you (the authentic inner child, if you like), encouraging him or her to come out and join us in the present moment.


My aim is to bring people together and to provide a safe and nurturing environment, free from judgement and competition.

The focus of each class is to promote self-development and emotional wellbeing, to encourage experimentation, further learning and uninhibited play and to foster inner happiness and healing.



For further information (and/or to request a specific day, time, theme or focus: I am open to sensible suggestions…), please email me with your questions and details.

For more information, please contact me with your questions.

Additionally, if you would like to enquire about booking a session with me in private, please fill in the short form available from the booking enquiry page and email it along with your request. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries in person at the first opportunity available.

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tel: +34 674 545 238 | email: | skype: thelifeenrichmentconsultant


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