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Has creativity ever brought you comfort during a difficult time? Has starting a new project helped you to feel more grounded and settled within your immediate environment?

Often the meditative and creative aspects of craft work can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to coping with life challenges. And this is especially true of knitting.


This series of classes focuses on the use of knitting for personal wellbeing, both physical and emotional. It is aimed at those with no previous experience and those with basic skills.

Over a four week period I will teach you how to create a simple sock – guiding you through each fresh step and providing both the pattern and materials.

There are three different versions of the sock to choose from: Summer (Beginner), Autumn (Intermediate) and Winter (Advanced). I will help you pick the one best-suited to you.

If you are looking to develop new skills and have an interest in meeting and mixing with new, like minded people, widening your circle of friends: this is the place for you.

Benefits: 10 reasons why knitting is good for you

  1. Research shows that the rhythmic movements of knitting induce a state that is similar to that obtained during meditation.
  2. Knitting encourages feelings of peace and relaxation.
  3. The repetitive movements of knitting are proven to elevate serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn enhances mood and helps to provide relief from pain.
  4. Knitting is good for coordination and memory, with those who practice it reporting noticeable improvements.
  5. Knitting can be used to break the cycle of bad habits, providing a constructive and enjoyable alternative for the body and the mind.
  6. Knitting is a wonderful hand exercise, which can improve function and coordination for a whole range of conditions, including RSI and arthritis.
  7. Knitting alongside others fosters a sense of belonging, enabling people to come together, communicate and make friends.
  8. Having a purpose and a structure motivates people to be active. It gives a sense of achievement when tasks are completed or new skills learnt.
  9. A sure outcome that can be planned, knitting can give control over one area of life in an environment where everything else may be in turmoil.
  10. Accessible any time and in any situation, knitting is the ideal portable self-soothing tool.


This workshop will commence in November 2013 and will take place at a venue in Palma (Mallorca).

Over the course of four consecutive weeks you will learn how to make a simple sock, receiving as much or as little help as your current skills require. All materials will be provided, the cost of which is included in the overall price.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Cast On
  • Cast Off
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Stocking Stitch
  • Garter Stitch
  • Rib Stitch
  • Moss Stitch
  • Turn a Heel
  • Create an Instep
  • Make a Toe
  • Knit a Flower and/or a Bow

For information about specific dates, times, location and prices, please get in touch with your questions.

For more information about knitting and knitting for emotional benefit, please visit the following pages:

Yarn Therapy
The Origins of Knitting


Additionally, if you would like to enquire about booking a session with me in private, please fill in the short form available from the booking enquiry page and email it along with your request. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries in person at the first opportunity available.

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