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Winter is over and the weather is getting warmer, but you still need some protection on your feet before you can get your open-toed shoes out. These socks provide the perfect answer. In addition, they are relatively easy to knit and a great start for the beginner.


The heat of the summer has ebbed away and the days are getting cooler but that doesn’t mean that you are ready to hide your feet away just yet. These socks afford you the freedom to parade your pedicure for a few extra months. They are the ideal project for an intermediate knitter, stretching your current skills without being overly challenging.


The temperature has now officially dropped and you have finally accepted it’s time to put your toes away. Queue Ugg boots and ballet pumps… But there is still plenty of sun and, on good days, you are spending a lot of time outside. The perfect compliment for those milder day, these socks present the intermediate to advanced knitter with a fair challenge to get their teeth into.

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