Mind Gardening >> Weeding and Watering your Head



I have believed in the power of art for many years and view every fresh piece that I come across as so much more than a simple distraction.

Artists draw and paint to discover, uncover, make sense of, unearth and extract. They treat their minds like gardens, approaching them with a specific set of tools. They know that they need to be maintained and watched in order to remain healthy and to grow. They plant, water, watch and weed, all the while understanding there is a wealth of potential there, just beneath the surface, waiting for them to find it.

At the same time, they understand that this is a place of demons and monsters, holding within it considerable harm. It needs to be approached with caution and treated with respect. It likes to be visited and spoken to on a regular basis.

Within the safety of this class, and with the guidance of your tutor, you will learn how to access your own Mind Garden, uncovering and then exploring what comes to light. You will be provided with a variety of materials and given time to get plenty of metaphorical dirt under your nails.

As a group we will then share what this has revealed over tea and biscuits and I will give suggestions to help you achieve a healthier, happier garden; one that is always in bloom and full of life, sunshine and colour.

For information about dates, times, location and prices, please contact me with your questions.

For more information, please contact me with your questions.

Additionally, if you would like to enquire about booking a session with me in private, please fill in the short form available from the booking enquiry page and email it along with your request. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries in person at the first opportunity available.


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